1. Implementation of a global management system and global standards providing standard approach
  2. Clear Accountability. The entire workforce is responsible for the achievement of Environment, Health and Safety goals. Clear Accountability also includes accountability toward society.
  3. United Chloro Paraffin’s vision of Zero DEFECT VISION translates to zero defects in quality, packing, despatch, and commitment to supply

Incorporating the precise pigment with good physical and chemical properties ensures excellent surface finish and gloss of the ultimate product. It enables ease of weighing, handling and the flexibility of infinite colour changes as and when required and it even contributes to enhanced production rates, thanks to reduced filter clogging and faster dilution / distribution due to low viscosity, non-contaminating concentrates.

Compatibilisers is another area of critical interest to Ramesh Industries´s R & D personnel. These vital ingredients are selected on the basis of the other polymers likely to be employed by the customers during processing. Acting on this advanced information, precise compatibilisers are added to the formulation to ensure that the masterbatch “harmonises” perfectly with other materials on the clients production line.

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